Due to popular demand, I created this glossary page for my readers who are curious about the Nigerian slangs I use in my posts. These words/phrases are either Yoruba, Igbo, or pidgin English. I will routinely update this list with additional slangs I use in my new posts. Some of these may have slightly different meanings depending on the context used, but this should give you a good idea.

Abeg – Please
Abi? – Right?
Alaga – MC for a traditional wedding ceremony
Aso-ebi – A uniform fabric worn for weddings or other special occasions
Before nko? – What do you expect?
Bia – Come
Biko – Please
Chai – [An expression of surprise]
Chooking – Pained
Eeya – [An expression of pity]
Eh – A descriptive exclamation
Ejo – Please
Fara bale – calm down
Fiam – So fast
Gan – Even
Goan – Go and
Gra gra – Hyper, not chill
Hesperred – Expected
Issokay – It’s okay
Iya – Mother
Jejely – Gently
Ke – How?
Kilode – Why?
Lagbaja – A name used to represent an arbitrary person.
Laidis – Like this
Ma binu – Don’t be upset
Mumu – Idiot
Na – Is it?
Na wa – [An expression similar to] this is serious
Ndo – Sorry
Odikwa – It is
Oga – Mr.
Oko mi – My husband
Owanbe – A typical Nigerian party
Oya – Okay or now
Panadol – Pain killer, similar to Tylenol
Pele – Sorry
Sha – Anyway
Shakara – Showing off
Upandan – Up and down
Wahala – Problems
Waka pass – Walk passed
Wetin no konsine me – Something that is none of my business
Yawa don burst – The secret is out